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As a small, nonprofit, child welfare agency, financial gifts make a difference to the work that St. Mary’s staff does every day. Adoption fees only cover slightly more than half of the agency’s operating expenses. We need your help to fill in the gap between revenue and operating expenses.

If you are interested in supporting St. Mary’s and specifically, the pregnant women in crisis who we serve, please call us at 1-847-870-8181. We appreciate your interest in St. Mary’s work to build loving families.

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Your donation allows St. Mary’s to provide the best possible care to our birth mothers and adoptive families. You make the difference.

You can make a donation through one of the following:

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  • Give a gift through stock or mutual funds by calling (847) 870-8181

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Your Giving Makes A Difference

To give you a better idea of how your donation will be used to support St. Mary’s Hopeful Beginnings Program, we’d like to share a story about a pregnant woman in crisis. Because of generous donors, St. Mary’s was able to provide her with counseling, and also offer material assistance to stabilize her life so that she could focus on the important decision with which she was faced.

Sarah was three months late in her rent and utility payments. Not even enough money for groceries, she and her 8-year-old son, Jason, soon were to be evicted from their home. Utility companies were calling about past due payments and her electricity soon would be turned off. She recently lost her job because her car broke down and she didn’t have transportation to work. Sarah, 29, who had just ended an abusive relationship, was four months pregnant with his child. She wanted to make the best decision for her young child, unborn baby and herself and needed guidance. Sarah turned to St. Mary’s Services.

For several months Sarah met with a counselor at St. Mary’s. The counselor helped her explore her options, including educating her about adoption. In looking closely at her parenting plan, her financial situation and the struggle it has been to raise one child, Sarah decided to place her child for adoption. Through the generosity of donors, the agency negotiated with her landlord and provided her with financial assistance to help with her rent, zeroed her balance on her utility bills and paid for her groceries and transportation. St. Mary’s also helped Sarah obtain an order of protection against her abusive ex-boyfriend, while financially supporting her goal to earn her GED. With these concerns under control, she put her focus where it needed to be – making a plan that was best for her and both of her children. Today Sarah is married and in a healthy relationship. She has a stable job and is considering returning to school, with St. Mary’s financial support, to pursue a degree in nursing. Best of all, Sarah is so grateful that she chose adoption and through ongoing contact, sees what a stable, loving family she chose for her daughter.

Sarah’s story is just one of many that St. Mary’s caseworkers hear on a daily basis. Ultimately, birth parents decide the future of their unborn children. At St. Mary’s, we provide them with the necessary counseling and support needed along the way. After all, this counsel and support in the best interest of children is what the Episcopal Sisters envisioned when they started the agency more than 120 years ago.

Below are some specific ways that your support makes a difference to St. Mary’s clients.

  • $25 will help St. Mary’s pay for a birth mother’s transportation to and from a prenatal doctor’s appointment.
  • $50 will provide three days of diapers, baby formula and baby clothes during interim care, before an infant is placed with his/her adoptive family.
  • $100 will provide a birth mother with groceries for two weeks and pay their electric bill for one month.
  • $250 will allow St. Mary’s to buy two new infant car seats needed to safely transport babies from the hospital to adoptive families.
  • $500 will provide housing support for a birth mother during the last two months of her pregnancy.
  • $1,000 will ensure that an infant born with special needs receives the proper medical testing and treatment during their first days of life.
  • Many companies match the philanthropic gifts of their employees. Maximize your gift to St. Mary’s by asking your company for information on its matching policy.

St. Mary’s is proud to have helped build this family through adoption.