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Teen Parenting Program

Hopeful Beginnings Teen Parenting Program provides students with facts, information, and resources concerning pregnancy, labor and delivery, and parenting. Pregnancy, almost always described as unplanned, for a teenager is a difficult and confusing time, and those at Hopeful Beginnings understand the seriousness and sensitivity that goes along with counseling and educating these new parents. Our vision is for these students to graduate high school, and continue to pursue their life goals, while using the skills and lessons learned through this program to be loving, caring parents.


If you are a staff member, or an administrator of a high school district in Illinois and would like to know more about the Hopeful Beginnings Teen Parenting Program and how to get it in your district, please contact Joanne Bratta, Executive Director, at (847) 870-8181 or

“The teen pregnancy class helped me so much with making me feel like I’m not alone & I’m not the only person going through this tough transition in life. I’ve learned so much that I didn’t even know could happen. I wish I could have been in the class longer & that everyone in my position has a chance like me with being in the same class & meeting the people who I’ve met in this journey.”

– Lesley, Hopeful Beginnings Teen Parenting Program Student