We are pleased to introduce a few of the couples and birth mothers who recently have worked with St. Mary’s.

Our Placed Stories

Birth Mothers Stories Placed Stories

Birth Mothers Stories


At sixteen, a junior in high school, I found myself pregnant. Knowing other teenage girls in school who were pregnant before I was, I would have never dreamed that something like that would happen to me. Scared, terrified, and nervous are just some of the feelings I was going through at first. My...

My Birth Mother Story

My son’s dad had passed away before I even knew that I was pregnant. And that was really hard on me. You can’t raise a baby just on love, it’s more than that. I wanted him to have the best life possible.

My Birth Mother Story
paris 1

I came to St. Mary’s 14 years ago when I was pregnant, knowing full well that I was not ready to be a mom just yet. I thought about the pros and cons of adoption, but I knew that I was ready. I came to the agency the last month of my pregnancy...

My Birth Mother Story

I found out I was pregnant in December 2006. I did not know what I had gotten myself into at that point. All I remember is I was scared and didn’t know where to turn. I knew I had options and that I had to consider the circumstances surrounding my pregnancy. I was...

My Birth Mother Story

placed Stories

Sal & Deneen

Our adoption journey has been an amazing experience one filled with so many different emotions. We waited a long time, but we knew deep in our hearts that when it was meant to be everything would work out perfectly… and it did. The day we received the phone call that birth parents had...

Our Family Story
Sal and Patty Family
Sal & Patty
Tina and Michael
Tina & Michael
Placed 7 18 Family Photo
Chris & Jennifer

Chris and Jennifer welcomed their newest addition in July 2018.  St. Mary’s Services is happy to have been a part of their process.

Our Family Story
Molly and Dave
Molly & Dave
jason ed
Jason & Ed
Ryan and Steven
Ryan & Steven
Tom and George Family
Tom & George
Tom Amy
Tom & Amy
Tina & Michael
Our Family Story
Kalee & Jonathan
Gosia & Lukasz
John Tera Family
John & Tera
joy jared
Joy & Jared
Kim and Neil
Kim & Neil
Caryn and Keith Family
Caryn & Keith
Annette & Stephen

We went through three tubal pregnancies and invitro-fertilzation. We prayed to God about what to do next – not have children, continue with fertilization or adopt. After months of praying and talking to our Pastor and his wife, who adopted from St. Mary’s, we decided that adoption was the best option for us....

Our Family Story
Chris & Eileen

We had a nice home, a large backyard and a dog named “Reilly.” But we knew something was missing. We had always dreamed of having children. When we had problems conceiving, we did not give up hope. We turned to infertility experts. After nearly two years of unsuccessful infertility treatments, we decided that...

Our Family Story
Jason & Carla

After three miscarriages and no desire to go through IVF treatments, Jason and I decided that adoption was the one way to fulfill our need and desire to become parents. We had talked about adoption for a few years but always procrastinated about actually doing it. St. Mary’s was suggested to me by...

Our Family Story
Aaron & Patty

Our path to adoption began years ago; an innocent and passing conversation between us early in our dating relationship was the beginning. Our relationship was becoming more serious, and one day the mention of children came up. We both agreed that adoption would be a wonderful opportunity for us to give a child...

Our Family Story
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