Begin The Adoption Discussion

In your professional role, you might encounter women who experience unplanned pregnancies. Given the sensitive nature of this topic, below are basic questions to guide you into an informational discussion with women about adoption. Please note that each situation is different and this is simply a suggested approach.


1. Have you taken a pregnancy test? Was it positive?
Understand the situation surround the possible pregnancy. Ask her thoughts and feelings regarding the positive pregnancy test.


2. If yes, have you thought about your options?
Present the options, including adoption. Help her dispel any myths she might have and discuss with her the facts on each option.


3. Do you know anyone who has experienced an unplanned pregnancy? Which option did they choose?
Have her talk with other peers who have chosen to parent or make an adoption plan. An adoption agency, like St. Mary’s Services, can link women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy to those who already have been through the experience. If she doesn’t know of anyone who has pursued adoption, explore the details of this option in more depth.


4. Do you know anyone who has experience with adoption (adopted a child, was adopted, made an adoption plan for the child)?
Once the subject of adoption is presented, explain that there are many pros and cons to both adoption and parenting. Help her explore these pros and cons by completing a checklist.


5. If she would like to learn more about adoption, give her a choice of adoption agencies you know and trust, such as St. Mary’s, that are Illinois licensed child welfare agencies.
Work with her to schedule an appointment with the agency of her choice, at a time and location convenient for her.


It is important to assist the woman in taking the first step to learn more. We recommend assisting the woman in making that initial phone call and possible first meeting. If she chooses to call St. Mary’s, our experienced counselors will help her further explore her options and provide support during her decision-making process and throughout her pregnancy. There is a counselor available 24/7, 365 days a year.

“We are forever grateful to St. Mary’s for being there for us every step of the way through our journey to our amazing family!”

– Lisa & Lou, St. Mary’s Adoptive Family

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