It is time to shake off that feeling of cabin fever and head outside for some springtime fun.

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Fun and Easy Springtime Activities for the Whole Family

Now that the snow has melted, and the temperatures are slowly (but surely) increasing, it is time to shake off that feeling of cabin fever and head outside for some springtime fun. Spending time in nature with your baby or toddler is important; not only can outside play teach important milestones like cause and effect, it is just plain fun to connect with nature as a family.

Here are just a few ways to enjoy nature together this spring season.

Go on a nature walk
A walk is a wonderful way to spend time together, and all members of the family can participate. Put Baby in a stroller and let big kids walk beside you as you hit the neighborhood sidewalk. You don’t have to walk a nature trail to connect with the sights and smells of spring. In fact, you can find plenty during your neighborhood stroll. Take time to pick dandelions or closely examine tree buds. Feel new grass and name the colors of tulips that are beginning to bloom.

Play with sidewalk chalk
Sidewalk chalk is the perfect staple for an afternoon playtime with the entire family. Use it for creative play, as well as for learning. For big kids learning letters, write a few letters on the ground using chalk. Then, name a letter and have the child run and jump on the corresponding letter on the ground. This can also work for color recognition or even sight word practice for elementary aged kids.

Make someone smile
If your home has blooming flowers, consider snipping a few and walking to give the blooms to neighbors. Your children will learn how good it feels to give to others, and it is a wonderful way to meet others in your neighborhood. If you don’t have real blooms, have kids color pictures to give away. Everyone loves a colorful drawing from a smiling kiddo!

Head to the park
Finally, now is the perfect time to get reacquainted with your neighborhood parks. Not only will your gets get practice with gross motor skills during play, a park is a great place to meet other families.

How will you spend your spring? We hope you will enjoy spending these warmer days with your family!

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