St. Mary’s Services was established in 1887, with the vision of providing every child a good home. We continue this mission with adoption services and maternity counseling services.

Meet Jenny & Jim

“We have a warm loving marriage, and the only piece that is left that we feel would complete our marriage and our life would be to have a loving child… that we could care for and love.” Learn more about our Waiting Families.

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Meet Mike & Marisol

Favorite Childhood Memory Mike: Spending time outside playing with neighborhood friends until the sun went down – riding our bikes and exploring new places, climbing trees, playing baseball and basketball at the park, fishing, building snow forts, and if we could convince our parents, having sleepovers! Marisol: I have wonderful memories of dancing…

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Annual Summer Picnic

Another great day filled with sunshine, pony rides, and jumping in the bounce house! The summer picnic is one of the staff’s favorite events because we get to see all of our wonderful St. Mary’s Families. We love watching all the kids play with one another, enjoying the petting zoo, and making new…

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