Don't walk through the holiday season alone.

St Marys supports families during the holiday season

Supporting You This Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a tricky one. Sure, there are plenty of people and commercials telling you that the hustle and bustle is all happy, but those joyful family gatherings are not always the case. If this season has found you unexpectedly pregnant, or if you are waiting for a child to celebrate the season with, these next few weeks can be downright confusing, frustrating, sad, and anything less than joyful.

The team at St. Mary’s Services sees you and understands your struggle. We have been working with moms and waiting families for decades and are no stranger to a holiday season that is less than greeting card perfect. This year, don’t walk through this strange and different holiday season alone. We are ready to support you this season and beyond. Here are a few ways you can get connected.

If you are pregnant, we support you

Are you unexpectedly pregnant this holiday season? We know that you may be feeling all the emotions this month, and that your family gatherings could feel scary or confrontational. If you have connected with St. Mary’s services already, you already know your counselor is there to assist you with resources and support. Take advantage of this and be honest with how you are feeling, as well as if there are any additional support services we could direct you to.

Finally, be sure to make yourself a priority. Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water. Put your feet up when you feel exhausted and don’t be afraid to back out of some holiday obligations this year. A healthy mom makes healthy decisions.

If you are waiting, we support you

Are you a waiting family this year? We know that you can be feeling anxious and worried this season, and maybe even a bit resentful to other complete families celebrating this year. It is okay; your feelings are valid. You are in a hard place and could benefit from connecting with St. Mary’s Services.

No matter where you are this season, St. Mary’s Services is there with you. Give us a call to be sure you are benefiting from all of our programs available to you. Let’s make it through this season together.

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