Chris & Natasha

When starting the adoption journey your first thought is often “How long will it take to get a baby?” I know this was our thoughts and concerns. It was easy for us to choose a large agency in Chicago thinking that the process would be fastest, a larger agency works with more birth moms, was our thought process.

 As we moved forward we soon felt like a number no one remember us, we were constantly meeting we new people and soon we realized we did not select the right agency for us. One of my main concerns was that if we felt like a number, how would our birth mom be treated?  We wanted to know that not only would our needs be met but we also wanted to ensure that out birth mom would be treated with love, respect and given the attention and support that she needed from an agency.

We decided that a smaller agency would not only meet our needs, but also the needs of our birth mom.

From the first day, I called St. Mary’s we were connected with Allyson. We soon met Joanne and Jennifer and knew that we were working with a wonderful agency and the most caring adoption professionals in our area. We were confident that if we felt this loved and cared for then our birth mom would too.

Nine months after we were placed on their waiting families list, we got THE CALL! A baby was born and due to unforeseen circumstances, the birth parents choose adoption. Just a few days later we met our little boy Max and his loving birth parents and our lives were forever changed.

 Max is now a year and a half old, and our adoption journey continues….. as a prospective adoptive parent it is important to remember that placement is not the end of your journey, it is just the beginning.

Our family didn’t just grow by one, we now include the St. Mary’s staff and our birth parents as part of our family.

The time it takes to adopt is sometimes overwhelming scary even, but find joy in each day, as it is one day closer to meeting the child that was meant for you.

“You always hear that making the decision of adoption is the toughest and most selfless thing you can do, and they’re right. My advice would just simply be to think of the future of your baby.”

– St. Mary’s Birth Mother

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