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Ann & Sean


Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile and get to know us a little better. We understand this is a difficult decision for you and we thank you for choosing an adoption plan for your child. Sean and I are praying for you and your child throughout this journey. We realize how much love you have for your baby and the unmeasurable amount of courage it takes to want what is best for him or her. We will make sure that your child always knows that you are an important part of his or her life. Sean and I are so grateful to you for considering us and we want you to know how much we will always love your child.


At A Glance

Caucasian – Ann is Irish, German and Polish. Sean is Irish and Scottish.


Ann graduated with a BA in Education.
Sean earned an Associate’s degree.


Ann is a kindergarten teacher and Sean is a stationary engineer for a hotel.

When did you meet and month/year of marriage:

We met and started dating in 2016. We got engaged later that year and married in June 2017.


We are both Catholic.

Information on your home/community:

We live in a tri-level home with a big fenced backyard. Our yard backs up to an open field where soccer games are held. We have wonderful neighbors who are helpful, kind and look out for each other.

Number of children:

We do not currently have children other than our fur babies.


We have two dogs, Sammy and Maisie. Sammy is a 7 year old Schnoodle who loves to snuggle. Maisie is a 5 year old wire haired terrier mix who loves to play. They are both great dogs who love people.

Desired contact with a birth family:

We want your child to know what an important part of his/her life you are. We’d like to form a relationship that is open and comfortable for everyone. .

In one sentence, why do you want to adopt a child?

We’d love to adopt because both love children and come from big families ourselves.

Fun Facts & Favorites
Favorite Childhood Memory:

Ann: Looking back, I loved camping trips with my family. It’s a great memory with all of us together.
Sean: Vacations in the summer because it was where all the cousins got together to make memories.

TV Show/Movie:

Favorite TV show-
Ann: The Incredible Dr. Pol
Sean: The Walking Dead

Favorite Movie-
Ann: Mary Poppins
Sean: Star Wars

Favorite Book:

Ann: The Irish Country Doctor Series
Sean: Anything by James Patterson


Ann: Baking and gardening
Sean: fishing and traveling


We like to make dinners together especially when Sean can get out and grill but as far as our favorite foods go…
Ann: Peach cobbler
Sean: Italian roast beef sandwiches


We like to travel together. Some of our travels have taken us to Texas, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Tennessee and Michigan. We also love to take weekend trips to Galena for a quick get away.

Family Tradition:

Ann: We get together regularly at my mom’s house on Saturdays to catch up with each other in person.
Sean: We’d have Sunday dinners at my grandma’s house.

Holiday Memory:

Ann: Getting the whole family together at my sister’s house for Christmas.
Sean: We’d have big Thanksgiving dinners with all of my cousins and grandparents.

Fun Facts:

We went to high schools that were right next to each other and never met even though Ann had to walk to Sean’s high school to catch the bus home. Our story wouldn’t begin for over another 20 years.

What Friends Say

“I think Ann and Sean would make excellent parents because of their kind, caring, empathetic hearts. I have four children and Annie has always been there through the rough times to help. When my daughter broke her neck, Annie stepped in not only to learn how to take care of her and her special needs but also gave us much needed support and respite. I’ve worked in the same school as Annie and have seen her in action with her students. She is firm yet loving and the kids adore her. At family gatherings, Sean is quick with a hello and engages the kids in conversation. As a couple they are welcoming and make you feel at home. They both have huge hearts and long to share that love with a child of their own.” -Kathy, Ann’s sister


“Annie and Sean are two of the best people we know. They are more like family than friends to us and our two boys. Annie and Sean have prayed for children since we have known them. We believe that it would not only be a blessing for them but for the child as well. They both are kind, humorous, giving and hard working. They would make an amazing team in raising children and we hope they will one day have that opportunity.”-Lisa and Scott, friends


“We believe Ann and Sean are two amazing people who have so much love and concern ready to share with a future child. We have seen first hand how they care for and lovingly interact with our three children as well as, their nieces, nephews, students and other children. We have no doubt that any child God puts in their lives will be well loved and taken care of in the future.”-Rosie and Jeff, friends

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