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Kalee & Jonathan

Dear Birthparent(s),

We can’t pretend to know what circumstances may have brought you to this moment. We can, however, tell you how unbelievably grateful we are that you are here. Our journey hasn’t been an easy one. We’ve suffered years of infertility and loss. While all of this was extraordinarily hard to bear, we have grown so much together as a couple because of it. Along the way, the idea of adoption found its way into our hearts. Through prayer and a lot of discussion, we have an overwhelming feeling that adoption is God’s plan for us. We believe that’s why we’re here and that’s why you’re reading this. Everything we’ve all gone through has brought us to this point…with our adoption book in your hands. We thank you for even taking the time to read this and hope you know that we will give everything we have to ensure this baby is loved and taken care of for a lifetime.

Kalee and Jonathan

At A Glance



Kalee: Southern Illinois University Carbondale (Bachelor of Arts) Mississippi State University (Bachelor of Science)
Jonathan: University of Alabama (Bachelor of Arts)


Kalee: Meteorologist
Jonathan: Mortage Loan Officer

Length of marriage:

5 Years



Our Home:

We have a spacious room ready & waiting for a little angel. We purchased a new condo in the Bucktown neighborhood to prepare for his/her arrival. There are several families w/ young children on our block. We are a quick walk to the beautiful 606 trail: a great place to spend the day w/ family & get some exercise. Also, Kalee’s family is just a short drive away from us! Her parents are more excited about this than we can express!!

Number of children:

We currently have no children, but cannot wait to change that.


We have one small dog named Mia who is great with kids!

What open adoption means to you/desired contact with a birth family:

We cannot pretend to understand what a birthmother is going through, but we are unbelievably grateful that we were brought together. We are adopting a child and we couldn’t do it without the birth family, so we want them to know they are a part of this and we want this child’s growth and love to be enjoyed by all of us.

In one sentence, why do you want to adopt a child?

We are all God’s children and that immense love he gives us we want to give to a child.

Fun Facts & Favorites
Childhood Memory:

Kalee: Every softball practice and game with my Dad
Jonathan: My dad taking me to Alabama football games.

TV Show/Movie:

Favorite TV Show: Revenge
Favorite Movie: My Best Friends Wedding
Favorite TV Show: The Office
Favortie Movie: The Dark Knight


Kalee: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
Jonathan: Harry Potter by J.K Rowling


Kalee: Working Out
Jonathan: Golf


Kalee: Pancakes
Jonathan: Chicken Pasta


Kalee and Jonathan: A trip to the beach

Family Tradition:

Kalee: Spending the night by the campfire in my parents backyard
Jonathan: Every year going to Florida and enjoying the beach

Holiday Memory:

Kalee: Waking up on Christmas morning to Santa tracks through the house and my Dad had all the presents wrap in crazy styles and sizes.
Jonathan: Watching Christmas movies by the fire with my family.

Fun Facts:

Kalee: I performed on a Carnival Cruise and at Disney world. I get the honor of singing National Anthems at sporting events around the city and country.
Jonathan: I know A LOT about sports…… from the 1985 NASCAR winner to the winner of the Masters Tournament and more in between. Kalee says that I’m a google search engine for sports.

What Friends Say

“It’s hard to put into words the love that Kalee and Jonathan have for my boys and the love that they have for them. I can honestly say that I know they are meant to be parents. With every game of hide and seek, I know they are meant to be parents. With every kiss of a boo boo, I know they are meant to be parents. And with every tearful goodbye, I know they are meant to be parents. Kalee and Jonathan have so much love to give to a child and are ready to fully embrace parenting.”
– Christy (Jonathan’s Sister)

“Unbiased. Unwavering. United. Unmovable. That’s Jonathan and Kalee. When I first met Kalee, I was unable to put her into mere words. When I met her husband, Jonathan, I was even more stumped. This duo defies logic. They defy normalcy. They make you rethink what you believe to be true of the word and idea of “love.” Any cliché or definition you may have, they will both surpass and eclipse. Any doubts or reservations you may have, trust in me…and trust in this family. They (along with each and every member of their family, as well as friends) have been wishing on every star and to every saint that they may be blessed with the joy of a child and tasked with his or her upbringing.

Morals. Values. Etiquette. Education. But most of all unconditional love. Kalee and Jonathan will provide that and more. Just say the word, and this prince or princess with have their kingdom.”
– Kacie (Friend)

“Sometimes the best couples who will undoubtedly be the best parents are unable to have their own children. Kalee and Jonathan have shown their passion to be parents through a tough journey of IVF. I am so glad that instead of giving up on having kids, Kalee and Jonathan are taking another route of adopting so they can begin their journey. I have known Kalee for around 15 years, and she has been a big part of my daughter’s life. My daughter gets mesmerized in her singing, and the way Kalee has always interacted with children is something I have always admired. She knows how to correct children when they’re doing something in a positive way, with so much patience. Her imagination and energy while playing with children makes her a favorite of all our friends’ kids. She truly has a special gift with children’s and I can’t wait to see her as a mom! Jonathan’s patience, dedication, great sense of humor and strong love of his family will make him a wonderful father. The day they become parents they will be contributing a beautiful soul with great morals, values and ethics to the world.”
-Laura (Friend)

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