For Friends and Family



To A Woman Experiencing An Unplanned Pregnancy


If you know of a friend of family member who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, your support and understanding during this challenging time is very important. Below are a few suggestions for how you can be there for help and support.

  • First and foremost, listen. Give your pregnant friend or relative an opportunity to talk about how they’re feeling about their unplanned pregnancy.
  • Do not judge her unplanned pregnancy or her actions.
  • Tell her that you will support her and be there for her every step of the way. Sometimes just them hearing that they-re not alone makes a big difference.
  • When she starts to discuss her pregnancy options, simply ask her if she’s considered all of them thoroughly.
  • If She Brings Up Adoption:
    • Many people do not completely understand the adoption process or they have misconceptions about it, so if your friend or relative would like to learn more, suggest that she call an adoption agency. You can recommend that she can speak to or email a Hopeful Beginnings counselor confidentially or simply read the Hopeful Beginnings Maternity Brochure to learn more about adoption.

If you are pregnant and would like to speak to someone immediately, please call (847) 870-8181 or text HOPE1 to 67076

Si usted está embarazada y quieres hablar con alguien inmediatamente, por favor llame al (847) 870-8181 or envie un texto a HOPE1 al 67076

“Counselors at St. Mary’s also listened to my parents’ concerns and helped them understand what I was going through. That helped my family come together during a tough time.”

– Meg, St. Mary’s Birth Mother

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