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St. Mary’s Services hosts two Facebook discussion groups for adoptive families.

The first group is specifically for our Waiting Families (those who are currently in a St. Mary’s Adoption Program).  All posts can only be seen by those who are members of the group.  This group can be used as a forum to pose questions, discussions, and create a support system while on your journey to adopting a child.  Periodically, St. Mary’s will post questions and/or topics that we see are important, or are coming up frequently when going on visits or conversing with families.  Although we are adoption professionals, we don’t always have all the answers! Hopefully here you can be a part of a community that shares the same values, struggles, and hopes for the future.  Join St. Mary’s Waiting Families Group

Our second group is for ALL St. Mary’s Families, waiting, old, and new. This is an open forum for you to share your experiences – perhaps unique or similar to others – and get feedback! Feel free to post articles, stories, or maybe something you are struggling with.
Join St. Mary’s Adoptive Families Group

If you are in need of one-on-one counseling concerning your adoption journey, please call the office at (847) 870-8181 to speak with one of our adoption counselors.


“We are forever grateful to St. Mary’s for being there for us every step of the way through our journey to our amazing family!”

– Lisa & Lou, St. Mary’s Adoptive Family

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