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Complaint / Grievance Procedures

Each client of St. Mary’s Services has the right to express and grieve any concern or complaint. The procedure is as follows:

  • Following a client’s application to St. Mary’s Services, upon request or the initiation of a grievance, each client will be provided the agency’s written grievance procedure and have it explained in a method of communication they understand.
  • All formal complaints must be completed on St. Mary’s Services Client Grievance Form.
  • St. Mary’s Services requires the staff person involved in the complaint to attempt to immediately resolve the complaint or grievance with the client involved before a formal, written complaint is initiated. A management level staff person will be designated as a contact for client grievances.
  • St. Mary’s Services will provide the client assistance, if necessary, in completing the Client Grievance Form by a senior staff member or someone who is not directly involved in the complaint.
  • The completed document is to be forwarded to the Executive Director of St. Mary’s and the supervisor of the staff person named in the grievance (when applicable). All grievances shall be documented.
  • The Executive Director will respond to the grievance within two business days, after receipt of the grievance. Unresolved grievances will be reported to DCFS within ten business days.
  • The Board of Directors will review the written appeal of the client at its next board meeting. The Board may require additional information in order to resolve the grievance. This resolution will be final.
  • The final resolution and grievance will be placed in the client case record.
  • The client will receive written notification of this final resolution within five days of the final decision. Agency grievance policy prohibits retaliation.

“Founded in 1887 by the Episcopal Sisters of St. Mary, the guiding principal of St. Mary’s Services is that every child deserves a good home.”

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