Dear Birth Parent,


Thank you for making the unselfish sacrifice of giving your child a better life through adoption. As adoptees ourselves, we understand firsthand what a blessing this can be, and we want to give your child the benefits that we have been given by our parents through adoption. Having already adopted a baby through St. Mary’s Services, we know we can provide a loving, supportive, stable home for your child. Through our nearly 20 years of marriage, we have been with each other through college, first careers, several moves, the loss of loved ones, and the adoption of our first child. Being together through these ups and downs has allowed us to build a strong relationship that will provide a solid foundation for a family. We have lived in our house for more than ten years and live in a safe community with caring neighbors. We are close with our families, living just a few minutes from Jennifer’s parents and an hour from Chris’ parents and brothers. Both of our families, as well as our good friends who live nearby, are supportive of adoption and will help in any way they can. We are well-established in our careers and are financially stable.


Chris has been a teacher for fourteen years, and Jennifer has worked as a scientist for the last ten years. As much as Chris loves being a teacher, he loves being a father even more, and can’t wait to share his life with another son or daughter. He is a musician and also enjoys playing basketball and softball. Jennifer has a Ph.D. in biology but is still down-to-earth and fun-loving. She has a natural curiosity about the world and a love of learning that she will pass on to her children. She is an animal lover and enjoys nature photography and martial arts. Both Chris and Jennifer are avid readers and enjoy being outdoors, especially hiking with their son and two dogs.


This child will only be the second grandchild for both families, so he or she will get lots of love and attention! Our first child, Caleb, is an active, happy little toddler who loves to read and can’t wait to be outdoors. He already plays well with his classmates at school and will be a kind, gentle, and loving big brother.


We have made this profile to help you get to know us a little better. We hope you will consider us as you make this important decision.


All the best,
Chris, Jennifer, and Caleb


To find out more about this family, please contact: Jennifer Vergara at 847-870-8181 or e-mail

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