Hello! My name is Martha, a person with a big heart and open, loving arms.  I have struggled on how to convey my thoughts of your courage in your loving decision.  I do not have the slightest idea of what you may be going through and can only think to try and soothe your concerns with the knowledge that I would love your child unconditionally.  I have known since I was nine years old that I would not be able to bear children and have had years to come to terms with the knowledge, but that has not changed my heart from wanting to share my love.

My parents are the central figures in my life.  They are two of the most intelligent and considerate people I know.  They are strong, loving and selfless and have taught me and my brother and sisters to do the same. I believe they were born to be parents, amazingly or because they both grew up in homes with single parents.  Their fathers had passed away before they ever had a chance to know them.  They give me faith as a single parent in believing I can provide a loving home for children.  Both of my parents had strong women as role models.  My grandmothers both believed in the importance of an education and serve as wonderful examples to me as I seek to begin my own family.

I may not be able to have children of my own, but I know that I can be a good mother with these examples to guide me.  I have a love to give.  It is one of the main reasons that I became a high school teacher and coach. At times, I am not sure that I had much choice in the path that I chose.  My brother, sister and I all became high school math teachers.  Education was always important in our family, and through teaching and coaching I am able to teach my students new things, watch them grow, give them confidence through being a constant support for them, motivating them to achieve their goals, and loving them.

I am a very active person, and always have been.  Growing up I was considered a tomboy because I loved to climb trees and play sports, but any trials and tribulations that I had to endure only made me a stronger person.  My family has always been there to support me and I them.

In terms of my family, I am one of five children with a brother and three sisters.  There are also two cousins that live close by that could be considered two more sisters with the amount of time that I am able to spend with them.  Two of my sisters and a cousin have recently had children making getting together with family even more common.  These children are dotted on constantly.  As a family we know how to swim, play musical instruments, and speak other languages.  We love to laugh and eat and share each other’s company.

Your child would become not just my family but a part of a larger family full of hugs, kisses, love and support.

Sincerely, Martha



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