Dear Birthparent(s),

A simple hello seems far too subdued

A warm hug would, instead, be our preferred greeting for you

We offer our thanks for including us on your journey

Your hopes and dreams are two of many things we look forward to learning

Your heart may be filled with worry and concern about what challenges may loom

To this we offer you our hearts, to give yours some extra room

We pledge to do our best in raising your child

A life that will be full of love, learning, and of course, plenty of smiles

A nurturing home, a loving family, and even a puppy to protect are a few things that we can provide

But there is a world to explore, and for that we are only a guide

As you continue the journey looking out for what’s best

We are grateful that you’re here, and for that we already feel blessed

Thank you for your consideration,

Mike and Marisol

To find out more about this family, please contact: Jennifer Vergara at 847-870-8181 or e-mail jvergara@stmaryservices.com.

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