Miranne’s Story

I came to St. Mary’s 14 years ago when I was pregnant, knowing full well that I was not ready to be a mom just yet.

I thought about the pros and cons of adoption, but I knew that I was ready. I came to the agency the last month of my pregnancy and met with a counselor. She also gave me the pros and cons of raising the baby alone. When I had my baby, my counselor brought me a couple of adoptive parent profiles to look at and I felt a connection with the people who are now raising their daughter.

I got to meet them about a year ago, just so they could see that I was a normal person, just like them. When we met we both cried and they thanked me for giving them their daughter. After the meeting, things got better, knowing that she was loved and treasured. I knew then that what I did was right. I got to meet their daughter when she was 4 and I have been involved ever since. We try and get together at least once a year. We are friends now and forever because the one thing that bonds us together is their daughter.

If you are pregnant and would like to speak to someone immediately, please call (847) 870-8181 or text HOPE1 to 67076

Si usted está embarazada y quieres hablar con alguien inmediatamente, por favor llame al (847) 870-8181 or envie un texto a HOPE1 al 67076

“I knew I had enough love to raise my child, but couldn’t provide the rest.”

– St. Mary’s Birth Mother

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