Speak With A St. Mary’s Service Counselor

Families interested in learning more about adoption should call the office at 1-847-870-8181 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. During this time, a counselor will ask you general questions and/or schedule a private consultation to talk in more detail and review next steps, if that is something you are interested in pursuing.

Attend An Initial Meeting

This meeting is designed for prospective adoptive individuals or couples with questions adoption. At this meeting, you will learn general information on adoption as well as St. Mary’s Services approach to adoption, which will include eligibility requirements, the home study process for domestic adoption, open adoption, adoption fees, and adoption in general. This is a time to speak privately with someone in person, in a safe setting, to explore various aspects of adoption.

Complete An Application

Should you choose to work with St. Mary’s for your home study and/or adoption, the next step is to complete the application packet in its entirety. Upon receipt of your application materials and payment, St. Mary’s staff will notify you of your acceptance for a home study. You will be assigned an adoption counselor who will remain with you during your entire adoption journey.

Complete The Home Study Process

Families who are looking to adopt in Illinois and/or live in Illinois are required to complete an adoption home study. The home study includes background checks, ten hours of adoption education, interviews, and home visits. During the interviews, your counselor will learn more about your family and preferences in an adoption.

Prepare For Placement

This is a good time for you to continue your education on adoption and parenting. Your adoption journey begins when a child enters your home. Therefore, St. Mary’s stresses the importance of adoptive families continuing to obtain education throughout the different developmental stages of their child’s life.

Post Placement

Adoption requires post placement visits with your counselor for finalization purposes. The number of visits will be dependent upon which state finalization takes place and will vary. Following the completion of the post placement supervision, your counselor will complete and submit an Investigatory Report to the court recommending your adoption be finalized.

**Remember that St. Mary’s Services will always be a resource for your adoption – before, during and after your journey.

“After attending informational meetings with four other agencies, it was a no-brainer that St. Mary’s would provide us with the personal attention and care that a life changing event needs.”

– Pat and Jennifer, St. Mary’s Adoptive Family

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