St. Mary’s Services offers different adoption services to fit the needs and comfort level of our adoptive parents. Within St. Mary’s Services, adoptive families can follow either the St. Mary’s Services Domestic Program or the Home Study Only program.

Domestic Program

Our experienced staff provides professional guidance and support for adoptive families as they begin and throughout their unique adoption journey. St. Mary’s Services places newborns of every race and ethnic origin that are born in Illinois. Occasionally we place infants that may need medical interventions. The staff at St. Mary’s Services ensures that all adoptions are completed in an ethical and legally safe manner.

Home Study Only Program

The Home Study Only Program is for individuals and couples that are actively participating in an interstate agency or a private attorney. St. Mary’s Services provides the home study, education, and post-placement visits required to complete those types of adoptions. The Home Study Only Program is similar to our Domestic Program; all home studies comply with rules, standards, Illinois Law, and includes information required by the state where the newborn was born.

“We love being a part of the St. Mary’s family. It is a very nurturing environment for our children to discover where they came from!”

– St. Mary’s Adoptive Family

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