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Adoption Workshops/Information Seminars

In an effort to serve as a continued source of education and support for adoptive families and others interested in adoption, St. Mary’s hosts a series of adoption workshops and information seminars.


All seminars are open to the public and pre-registration is required. Programs are not appropriate for children and babysitting services are not available. One credit is given per seminar hour attended.


There is a $40 per person fee, to be paid in advance and is non-refundable. This fee does not apply to families that have been accepted into St. Mary’s domestic program. Please make checks payable to “St. Mary’s Services” and send to the agency at:
300 East Northwest Highway
Arlington Heights, IL 60004


To register, call 1-847-870-8181 or email, or visit our online registration page.



Recent Seminars And Topics:


Effects Of Prenatal Substance Exposure On The Developing Fetus And Managing Behaviors

Dr. Dan Griffith, a licensed clinical pediatric psychologist, will speak about the effects prenatal substance and alcohol exposure have on the developing child. He also will discuss managing children’s behaviors at different developmental stages.



Birth And Adoptive Families Panel

Listen to a panel of birth families and adoptive parents who currently are participating in adoptions that range in levels of openness. Topics will include discussion of the emotions involved in placing a child and the grieving process that birth parents experience. Adoptive parents will share stories of their relationships with birth parents, how they’ve evolved, keys to maintaining healthy relationships and things to avoid.



Becoming A Transracial Adoptive Family

The seminar is led by Michaelyn Sloan, MSEd, adoption professional and adoptive parent. Ms. Sloan uses lecture and panel discussions to teach how transracial adoptive families can experience the joy of parenting in their own special way. In addition to Michaelyn’s lecture, transracial families share their experiences, and help parents learn how to respond to intrusive comments and questions in different ways. The seminar also helps parents understand how the adoptee’s identity changes as the adoptee ages and how to address the child’s questions and concerns with age appropriate answers.



Talking To Your Child About Adoption At Different Developmental Stages

Join Kay Holler, LCSW, therapist and adoptive parent, as she discusses how to approach the topic of adoption with children, and addresses common questions children ask their parents about adoption at the different stages of their development.



Legal Considerations For Adoption

Kathleen Hogan-Morrison, adoption attorney, will provide adoptive families with an overview of the legal process regarding adoption. She also will share information and considerations that adoptive families should know throughout their adoption journey, including insights about legalities regarding the actual adoption process.

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